Virgin Scary: A little-acknowledged flaw in the great works of cinema’s professional alienators, your Michael Hanekes, your Lars Von Triers, is that they never make it into the multiplexes. Their outré antics are confined to the arthouses, where they play to audiences who are very much in the business of not being alienated; audiences who… Continue reading Mother!

A Ghost Story

Unsentimental Journey: There is nothing festival critics enjoy more in a film than inscrutability, so it’s no wonder David Lowery’s latest emerged as the darling of this year’s Sundance. Lowery has no lack of credibility; his post-modern western Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and downbeat Disney remake Pete’s Dragon were both offbeat enough to stand out… Continue reading A Ghost Story


Christopher Nolan aims straight for the gut in this sensational account of the wartime evacuation. It’s a long time since Christopher Nolan made a ‘small’ film but Dunkirk, despite taking on such a significant historical moment, with a cast of thousands, on gigantic IMAX cameras, manages to capture the intensity and the valour of that… Continue reading Dunkirk