stan and ollie 3

Tears before bedtime in John S. Baird’s gloomy Stan & Ollie

Queen’s Bitches – Yorgos Lanthimos’ bracing period comedy The Favourite

Sean McAllister’s searing profile of an ‘Ull-based ‘ero: A Northern Soul

Last night at the Rock and Roll Circus in Masters of Cinema’s deluxe re-release
of Scorsese’s The Last Waltz


“I can’t go on. I go on: Do they have brown hair?” –
A short Game of Guess Who with Samuel Beckett

“If online dating proves anything it’s that yes, your ideal partner is out there, yes, they live in your area and no, they’re not interested.” –
Thicken your skin and learn how to find romance using mobile apps with
The Pessimist’s Guide to Online Dating

People often say to me, “James, what the Hell are you talking about?” –
Well they need wonder no longer, only consult part one of the
HULL to ENGLISH Dictionary A – C