Liam Gallagher – As You Were

All He Needs is Noel:

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery than John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney ought to feel very flattered indeed: Liam Gallagher’s first outing as a solo performer sounds so much like the Beatles that it could be Oasis.

Paper Clown might have been lifted wholesale from Revolver; I’ve All I Need shamelessly cribs the chord progression from Dear Prudence; and Universal Gleam is basically a variation on Lennon’s Real Love.

He acknowledges his influences at least, Sgt. peppering the lyrics with references to classic song titles of the 1960s. He also seems to be in an apologetic mood: For What It’s Worth in particular could be interpreted as an olive branch to long-suffering brother Noel.

He won’t win any awards for innovation, but what Gallagher lacks in originality he makes up for in attitude: As You Were is old fashioned rock’n’roll, but it swaggers out of the speakers.

This review first appeared in the Irish News