Porches – The House

Ballast from the past:

It’s been a few years since synth-pop came back into fashion, so it’s only natural that the 1980s vibe that has characterised the genre revival up to now should be starting to take on a decidedly 90s texture. The opening two-punch of Porches’ new album, Leave the House and Find Me, with their simple drum loops and minimalist riffs, could have come straight off a Now compilation circa 1991.

Although, like the music it imitates, many of the tracks The House skirt dangerously close to naffness, they’re idiosyncratic enough to keep the interest. The album’s quieter moments too, particularly Ono and Goodbye, reveal a knack for melody and a genuine pop sensibility behind the autotune and self-consciously retro trappings.

This review first appeared in the Swindon Advertiser