Hailey Tuck – Junk

Drinking gin in the bargain bin:


Hailey Tuck is the latest in the seemingly never-ending stream of modern acts taking tracks from rock and pop’s back catalogue and re-interpreting them in a self-consciously retro style.

Although the Texas-born singer has at least headed down the lesser explored of avenue of old-school jazz, and boasts first-class credentials in the form of renowned producer Larry Klein, it nevertheless still makes for a wan listening experience.

The style is a little too mannered to suit to these mainly mid-to-late 20th Century originals, made famous by artists including The Kinks, Paul McCartney, and Pulp. Even songs closer in spirit, such as Joni Mitchell’s Cactus Tree, are rendered somewhat inert; the emotional content exchanged for era-specific authenticity.

Although Junk is certainly not rubbish, it will most likely prove too junky for jazz purists and not junky enough for pop fans.

This review first appeared in the Belfast Telegraph