Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse

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Old school rock’n’roll albums are now so common that the ‘retro’ genre could arguably be described as incredibly modern. Nevertheless some do it better than others, and Nick Waterhouse does it about as well as anyone outside of the 1962. Every track on his self-titled fourth album is a perfect a facsimile of late 50s/early 60s jukebox floor-fillers.

Inevitably this can sometimes leave songs verging dangerously close to pastiche – the lounge swinger Wreck the Rod is the nearest Waterhouse comes to stumbling into the void of becoming a hipster Michael Bublé – but for the most part the sheer quality of the songwriting transcends the era-specific wrapping.

Wherever She Goes (She is Wanted), Song for Winners and Man Leaves Town would sound great in any genre, but they are especially good soaked in bar-room piano, sax and authentically vintage sounding guitars. This is music that cool people can dance to.

This review first appeared in the Irish News