Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – A Love So Beautiful

Drove All Shite: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra follow their successful ‘collaborations’ with Elvis by reviving another distinctive and much-missed voice from the past: The Big O, adding lush orchestration to seventeen of his best known hits. Orbison’s downbeat love songs are perfectly suited to the mournful strings of a full orchestra – something which, naturally,… Continue reading Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – A Love So Beautiful

Son of Dave – Music for Cop Shows

Down by John Thaw: Beat-boxing Canadian bluesmen are woefully under-represented in the world of pop music, so thank goodness for Son of Dave (real name Benjamin Darvill), who is back with another collection of tongue-in-cheek but impossibly infectious rock’n’roll stompers. In a return to the lo-fi sound of his early albums, Music for Cop Shows… Continue reading Son of Dave – Music for Cop Shows

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun

Sonic Gloom: The enigmatic Glasgow post-rock outfit have reunited with producer Dave Fridmann for this latest batch of instrumentals, and opener Coolverine’s languid, sonorous bassline at first suggests a return to the style of one of their earliest collaborations, the gloomily minimalist Come On Die Young. In fact many of the subsequent tracks are unexpectedly… Continue reading Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun